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Consul General's Speeches

Remarks at the 2010 Japan Wizards Competition 

 Hosted by the Japan-America Society of Japan

February 20, 2010


Good afternoon and aloha!

Thank you for having us today, as we have observed so much interest and passion for Japan and Japanese culture among the young people assembled here today.

Well but I have to lodge a protest at Ed Hawkins first as the program has been changed without my notice. I was supposed to speak to you before the Awards giving ceremony. Now the ceremony was happily concluded. We have nothing exciting left here, and you feel like going out soonest.

He also reminded me that my assigned time is rather limited. I should be very short and succinct. O.K. I will try my best to follow his request.

Congratulations on those who win a trip to Japan. Japan is always welcome you. I hope you will have a good and enjoyable to trip there. My message, or should I say, hope is that you do encourage and inspire Japan’s young people whom you meet there to think positively and look outwardly. You encourage them to come to Hawaii for them to check out with what they can learn from their Hawaiian counterparts.

For those who are less fortunate, please hit Waikiki and find your Japanese pals. There are many Japanese tourists walking down the streets of Waikiki. They are looking for chances to interact with locals. Young people are particularly so. You will find them friendly and their curiosity about Hawaii may prove mutually beneficial. They are good and honest people. Please make them happy by having a conversation or two with them.

I have another message to get out to you all. More than thirty years ago, I went to a college in the East coast. It is a bit sour memory among the most pleasant ones I have with regard to my college years. You know I resided in a fraternity with several room-mates. I felt lonely and alienated all the time for I was not able to join in their conversation. They always talked about American sports trivia. Now many of you are graduating from your school this summer and many of you will start your college life in Hawaii this autumn, I imagine. If you live in a dorm and have your room-mates from the East coast, annoy them with your vast knowledge of Japan trivia.



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