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Consul General's Speeches


  Hawaii Youth Symphony Remarks

  By Yoshi Kamo, Consul General of Japan

April 10, 2011



Thank you for having me here and giving me a chance to say a few words to thank you all are present here, and through you to the people of Hawaii.

My wife and I are touched by the generosity and compassion that you showed to the victims of the great earthquake and tsunami. The people of Hawaii are so kind in sending a big aloha to Japan. The Aloha for Japan fundraiser is going strong and many other charity events are ongoing. You make us bring home that we do not stand alone, and we are bonded with Hawaii so tightly.

The Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami is the worst disaster we have faced since World War II. 27000 people have lost their lives or are missing. 165000 people remain evacuated. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident has aggravated the intensity of the troubles and challenges we face.

A month has passed since the disaster occurred. An all out effort by the government and people of Japan has been continuing in responding to the emergency. Thanks to support and assistance from home and abroad, the disaster hit areas have been slowly recovering with access to relief assistance and basic services. From now on, the focus of the work is more and more shifting to restoration and reconstruction.

I would like to thank the Hawaii Youth Orchestra and pianist Lisa Nakamichi for making what is otherwise a happy spring concert a charity music event of added significance. Music is a universal language with which we can communicate each other. We can send our thoughts and messages to others through music. I don’t want to let the earthquake shake our confidence in the power of music in any way. I look forward to the Hawaii Youth Orchestra amply demonstrating this today.

Thank you very much.   




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