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Remarks by CG Kamo at the Publishing Ceremony for Hawaii Travel Guide by Hawaii Tourism Japan

April 17, 2011


Good Morning and Aloha!


It is most encouraging to see so many people to come out here to celebrate the publication by the Hawaii Tourism Organization and its like-minded partners, including JCCH, and the Japanese business community. I am much honored to be invited to this important event with Lieutenant Governor Schatz and leaders of the hospitality industry in Honolulu, including many Japanese businessmen. This is a great example of collaborations of key players in the key industry of Hawaii. In light of collaboration between Japanese businessmen and their Hawaiian counterparts, this project is ideal and most beneficial. I am quite certain that the tourism industries of our two nations have become closer after they worked together to publish this handbook.


You have done a great job in creating this beautiful Travel Guide for enticing Japanese tourists, in particular, school excursions from Japan to Hawaii. It contains vital information that everybody wants to know about his trip to Hawaii. Hawaii has natural attraction to Japanese. The hand book successfully portrays what Hawaii can offer best to visitors from Japan by giving some concrete ideas of what they can get. I welcome their thoughtful emphasis on the Big Island as a new destination, filled with educational opportunities and fun for young people to enjoy and learn from.


I was told that we have some participants here who are engaged in tourism in Japan, working as tour operators and representatives from the local governments. Now that we have an excellent Travel Book, what we are to do next is to make the most of it. It is extremely important that we make a good outreach in the Japanese market with our new weapon called Travel Book. So much is dependent on our follow up work to score a genuine success out of this book.


Last but not least, I would take advantage of this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for the outpouring of sympathy and donations by the people of Hawaii. Lieutenant Governor Schatz took the initiative in establishing the “Aloha for Japan” fundraiser. His initiative reminded us that we are so fortunate to be connected with Hawaii so deeply. Thank you Hawaii and we all look forward to deepening our relationship even further. This Travel Book certainly will help us get closer.

Thank you.




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