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Consul General's Speeches

Comments by CG Kamo at the APCSS Seminar 2010 on Maritime Security in Honolulu

September 16, 2010


(Japan’s maritime security activities)

 Japan may not be called to be a Pacific Island Country, but our relations with PICs date back to many years ago, because of history and proximity. We have seen economic and social interactions with them over the years through bilateral and multilateral channels. SPF was established in 1972. Japan participated in the Forum as a dialogue partner in 1997. We have been an active partner with the Forum.

 Japan’s recent engagement with Pacific Island Countries is best exemplified by the PALM (Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting) which Japan took initiative to convene in 1997. Since then, the PALM was held five times, after every three years, in the past 13 years. PALM is a comprehensive dialogue process between PICs and Japan, where all the players in the Pacific Island region will gather to discuss the issues of their mutual interest and concern. Moreover, it has become customary that Japan would pledge her financial contribution to PICs at each PALM. For instance, at its fourth Meeting in 2006, Japan committed to more than 5oo million dollars in support of economic growth, sustainable development, good governance, security and human exchange. The fifth Meeting saw her pledge of even more (550 to 600 million dollars) on environment (climate change), human security and exchange.

 As I said, even before the PALM process began, Japan made contribution to PICs by providing human needs assistance, promoting fishery by means of providing fishing boats, building port facilities and reinforcing embankment through bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

 As for maritime security, Japan has extended to PICs assistance directly related to law enforcement through PIF. Japan has implemented natural disaster response assistance as well. We share natural disaster information and provide tsunami warnings. We also help strengthen natural disaster prevention measures in the area.






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