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Consul General's Speeches


KZOO Karaoke Remarks by Consul General Kamo

October 15, 2011

Good Morning. Aloha!

It is my privilege for me to be invited to this annual grand Karaoke singing contest organized by KZOO in more than past 30 years. Karaoke is fun and exciting. But you see it is neither exciting nor fun to come up to the stage and speak before the audience who anticipates songs rather than speeches. Well, I remember the excitement and bewilderment I got first time I was on this stage two years ago. You know that great singer, former Mayor Mufi Hanemann was on the stage before my turn and he did a wonderful performance in front of me. I was envious of him and I wished I could sing like him. So second time, I decided to sing. I tried to impress my audience by singing Horehore-bushi without any music accompaniment. But it went so bad. I was shattered by my lack of talent. This year I refrained from singing. As a matter of fact, I was not invited to sing before you today. I know that contestants who are going to sing and entertain us are so skillful and almost professional.

The KZOO Karaoke Contest is Hawaii’s best and most prestigious sing-along contest that has been entertaining many people for so many years. Hawaii’s most talented contestants, regardless of their age or gender, come and try their voices and gestures, while the audience enjoys their performances. This is quite a family event, isn’t it? I see many senior people in this banquet hall and they look forward to enjoying their family members to be on stage and perform. I wish all the contestants the best of luck and hope all of us here will have a very good time.


This Karaoke Contest is made possible by the sponsorship of KZOO and other generous donors and volunteers. I wish to offer them my sincere appreciation. Perhaps, you all know that KZOO has launched a new project of operating a satellite studio at the Shiroki-ya site at the Ala Moana Shopping Mall. It is a n ideal collaboration of KZOO and Shiroki-ya in getting out more messages to more people. The work of KZOO will become more visible and entertaining. High-profile Japanese VIPs and TV stars may stop by. English programs will be on air as well, in an effort to make KZOO programs more attractive and reaching out wider listeners. I wish KZOO a great success on this new challenge.

I know your patience is now getting thin. But one more thing about KZOO, our Japanese radio station! KZOO has been one of the most important institutions for Hawaii’s Japanese community for many years. It has been the source of entertainment and enlightenment. KZOO is most instrumental in other community activities. They organized Japanese speech contest to encourage local young people to learn Japanese. They serve as a key station in our crisis management, in cooperation with the State Government of Hawaii in time of natural disasters and other emergency. KZOO is so nice and useful, in such a way that you don’t have to use English in Hawaii, which I believe explains why many Japanese tourists come and come back over and over again. Thank you, KZOO


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