Invitation Program for Japanese American Students

(June/July, 2018)
Sponsored by                           :  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Period                                       :  From June 23 to July 3, 2018
Purpose of This Program       :  Provide Japanese American students with an opportunity to learn various aspects of Japan
                                                     (politics, economy, society, history, culture, language, etc.).

                                                     Promote mutual understanding and exchanges between Japanese and
                                                     Japanese American younger generations.

Number of Participants         :  4
Qualification                           :  Japanese American High school students
                                                    (graduating 8th   grade students up to 12th grade students are eligible to apply)

                                                          *High school students with multi racial background are highly encouraged to apply.
                                                    Individuals who hold American Nationality and who do not hold Japanese Nationality
                                                    Individuals who have strong interest in Japan
                                                    Individuals who lack opportunity and need assistance to learn about Japan, and
                                                    Individuals who were not previously invited to Japan by the Ministry of Foreign
                                                    Affairs of Japan on the same program

Location of Home-Stay          :  “Kanto” area
Expenses to be Covered         :  Round-trip air ticket (Economy class) between US-Japan**
                                                            **Airport Tax, Fuel surcharge included
                                                     Transportation fee within Japan
otel and meals, Excursion fee, Insurance
Expenses not to be Covered  :  Passport issuance fee, transportation between your home and its nearest airport,
                                                     communication expenses, expenses of mini bar and other hotel services,
                                                     expenses of anything used for your private purpose.

Provisional Itinerary ***       :  June 23         Departure from the United States
                                                     June 24         Arrival at Narita
                                                     June 25         Visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan/Tokyo Tour
                                                     June 26     Visit Japanese High School
                                                     June 27         Trip to Kansai Area
                                                     June 28         Trip to Kansai Area 
                                                     June 29         Trip to Kansai Area/ Home Stay
                                                     June 30         Home Stay
                                                     July 1            Home Stay
                                                     July 2            Tokyo Tour
                                                     July 3            Departure from Japan
       ***Subject to change. To be confirmed later.