Consulate Activities


The Yushinkai’s 30th Anniversary celebration

On December 5th, Consul General and Mrs. Ito hosted the Yushinkai’s 30th Anniversary celebration at the Official Residence.  A very special guest appearance was made that evening by Dr. Genshitsu Sen, former Grand Master of Urasenke.  The Yushinkai is the Urasenke Hawaii’s ladies’ tea group that aims to expand Japanese culture in Hawaii through tea ceremony. It was founded by Mrs. Jean Ariyoshi in 1989. “Yushinkai" was named by Dr. Genshitsu Sen when he was the Master of Urasenke tea sect.

A letter of appreciation was awarded by Dr. Genshitsu Sen (center).

(From left forward) Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Mark Recktenwald, former First Lady Jean Ariyoshi, First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige, former Governor George Ariyoshi

(From the back left) Former Governor John Waihe and former First Lady Lynne Waihee, Wife of former Consul General Shigeeda