Consulate Activities


Consul General Aoki’s Visit to the County of Hawaii

From July 15th to 16th, Consul General Aoki visited the cities of Kona and Hilo on Hawaii Island. The overview of his visit continues as follows.

8. Exchange of views with Japanese-related organization leaders in Hilo
CG Aoki met with leaders of Japanese-related organizations such as the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawaii, Japanese Community Association of Hawaii, Various Kenjin Kais, and the Hawai Japanese Center.

9. Meeting with Hawaii County’s Mayor Roth
CG Aoki paid a courtesy call to Mayor Roth at Hawaii County Mayor's Office. CG Aoki and Mayor Roth discussed the situation surrounding COVID-19 as well as sister city exchanges.

10. Courtesy call to Hawaii County Councilmember Sue Lee Loy
Councilmember Sue Lee Loy and CG Aoki talked about Japanese culture and promotion of the sister cities exchanges.

11. Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency visit
CG Aoki visited the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency, which provides disaster relief measures such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, typhoons, and floods, and toured the operation room. 

12. Big Island Candies 
CG Aoki visited Big Island Candies, which is owned by Japanese-Americans.

13. Hawaii Japanese Center visit
The history of Japanese immigrants on Hawaii Island is on display at the Hawaii Japanese Center. There will also be a special exhibition on Japanese culture.

14. Courtesy call to the Hawaii County Chief of Police Paul Ferreira
CG Aoki thanked Chief Ferreira and the Hawaii Police Department for their cooperation and diligence keeping Japanese residents and Japanese tourists safe during their stay.

15. Visit to the Hilo Base Facility of Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
CG Aoki toured the facilities at Subaru Telescope's Hilo Base.