Consulate Activities


Consul General Aoki's official visit to the County of Kauai

1. Courtesy call to Kauai County Mayor Kawakami

Consul General Aoki paid a courtesy call to Kauai County Mayor Kawakami at the Kauai County Mayor's Office and discussed views on how to promote exchanges between Japan and Kauai. At the beginning of the meeting, Consul General Aoki explained the current status of Japan’s border measures and also mentioned that Kauai County has sister city relationships with Suo Oshima Town in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Moriyama City in Shiga Prefecture, Ishigaki City in Okinawa Prefecture, and Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture, and expressed his intention to promote exchanges. Kauai County Mayor Kawakami stated his hopes to promote exchanges with Japanese sister cities, including in the field of education. Kauai County Mayor Kawakami also expressed his intention to increase the number of Japanese tourists visiting Kauai, and both agreed to cooperate in promoting exchanges.

2.  Courtesy call to Kauai County Chief of Police Todd Raybuck

Consul General Aoki expressed his gratitude for the cooperation in ensuring the safe stay of Japanese citizens on Kauai, and confirmed continuous cooperation with the Kauai County Police Department in the future.

3. Meeting with Kauai Japanese Cultural Society

Consul General Aoki exchanged views on the promotion of cultural exchange between Japan and Kauai with staff of the Kauai Japanese Cultural Society, who have been instrumental in nurturing Japanese culture on Kauai.

4.  Visiting the Buoy Monument of Onahama Port

Consul General Aoki visited a monument to a buoy swept away from Onahama Port in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, which was devastated in the Great East Japan Earthquake, and washed ashore on Kauai in January 2013.