Consulate Activities


2024 Emperor’s Birthday Reception

Remarks by Consul General Kodama
Remarks by Governor Josh Green
On February 13, the Emperor’s Birthday Reception was held at the Consul General’s official residence.
On the day of the event, honored guests including Governor Josh Green, U.S. Army Pacific Commanding General Charles Flynn and his spouse, former Governor David Ige and his spouse, and approximately 400 guests from a wide variety of local groups and associations were welcomed.
Remarks by General Charles Flynn
Kampai toast by former Governor David Ige
This year, 10 prefectural Kenjinkai groups (Hokkaido Club Hawaii, Hawaii Yamagata Kenjin Kai, Honolulu Fukushima Kenjin Kai, Yamanashi Kyoyu Kai, Honolulu Hiroshima Kenjin Kai, Honolulu Yamaguchi Kenjin Kai, Hawaii Ehime Kenjin Kai, Hawaii Fukuoka Kenjin Kai, Hawaii Miyazaki Kenjin Kai, Hawaii United Okinawa Association) participated and introduced their respective prefecture’s famous local products, and other items.
With the cooperation of Japanese companies and organizations (HIS, Kintetsu International Hawaii, JTB USA, ANA, JAL, HITACHI RAIL Honolulu, Kokusai Sake Kai, Ito En Hawaii, iichiko USA, Usagiya, Toshimaya, Toraya, Fukusaya) as well as Ms. Maka’ala Perry, who was appointed as the Miss Visit Japan Japan Envoy by the Japan Tourism Agency, we promoted tourism, distributed information about Japan, and Japan’s food culture.

Also, on that day Chef MSG David Marcelli, United States Army Pacific, worked alongside Chef Shotaro Ito, Official Residence Chef at the Consulate General, to prepare and serve Japanese cuisine.
In addition, an assortment of sushi made with tuna from Japan and scallops from Hokkaido were served amongst the various Japanese dishes to promote Japan’s seafood products.  
Hokkaido scallops
Japanese tuna and assorted sushi
Chef MSG David Marcelli, United States Army Pacific