Consulate Activities


Promoting new attraction in Japan at "Kawaii Kon”

On April 1 (Sat), the Consulate General of Japan participated the Kawaii Kon, Hawaii’s largest anime/manga convention, at the Hawaii Convention Center. The event featured a variety of activities including performances by Japanese artists and many of the attendees dressed as their favorite anime and manga characters.

The consulate, together with the Anime Tourism Association, set up a booth where we promoted new attractions in Japan,  Seichi Junrei, or “sacred ground pilgrimages” -- popular tours among Japan’s anime fans, where they go and see the real life locations that serve as the backdrops for their favorite anime characters. A guide about the Japanese Anime 88-Spots (2023 Edition) were handed out to interested individuals.

We also provided information on the Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program in Japan. There were three JET alumni, who joined us as staff members, and they shared their experiences about their time on JET with many curious visitors who stopped by the booth.