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Greeting from Consul General Kodama

Aloha, everyone!
My name is KODAMA Yoshinori, and I am the newly-appointed Consul General of Japan in Honolulu.
I am so honored and delighted to be able to serve in a place like Hawaii that has such a deep relationship with Japan, and which occupies a special place in the hearts of so many Japanese people.  I pledge to do my utmost to serve the people of Hawaii.
As I take on this post, I would, first and foremost, like to express my deepest, most heartfelt sympathies to the people of Maui, for the loss of lives and property resulting from the devastating wildfires this past August. I am placing the highest priority on meeting with those who were affected, to discuss what kind of assistance Japan can offer in the recovery process.
One of my most important duties as Consul General of Japan, is to offer support to the Japanese-American and Japanese communities so that they may live and work in Hawaii comfortably, and with peace of mind. We at the Consulate General of Japan look forward to listening to the voices from the communities and take them into consideration as we move forward.

As we recover from the pandemic, one of the most urgent issues involves the promotion of tourism from Japan, bringing back Japanese tourists to Hawaii.  I am committed to identifying improvements that need to be made and areas that need to be worked on.
Hawaii’s geographical location in the middle of the Pacific makes it a most vital component in the security of the Indo-Pacific region. It is home to the US Indo-Pacific Command, which covers Japan as an area of responsibility. I am committed to building upon our strong relationship with INDOPACOM, which is of utmost importance for Japan’s security.  As the current global situation grows  increasingly complex and uncertain, I pledge to continue to work toward the strengthening of US-Japan relations, with the aim of building a free and open international order based on the rule of law.
The Consulate General of Japan values your thoughts and opinions, and we look forward to working closely with all of you.  We strive to be a Consulate General that people can feel free to reach out to, and contact.
I would appreciate your continued guidance and cooperation.

October 2023
Yoshinori Kodama / Consul General of Japan in Honolulu

Biography of Consul General Yoshinori Kodama

Bachelor of Law (Tokyo 1990).
Master of Law (Cambridge 1992).
Doctor of Philosophy (Legal Studies, London 1999).

Professional Career
1990- Entered the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2005- Counsellor, Embassy of Japan to the Kingdom of Cambodia.
          Co-chair of the Inter-governmental Support Group for the Khmer Rouge Trials.
          Chief Coordinator of the 2007 Cambodia Election International Observer Mission.
2007- Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office.
2009- Director, Japan/Korea Economic Affairs Division.
          Senior Policy Coordinator for the Korean Peninsula.
2011- Director, European Union Division.
2012- Director, Pacific Region Division.
2014- Minister, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Japan to Malaysia.
          Co-chair of the ASEAN Regional Forum Workshop on Counter Radicalisation (March 2015).
2017- Minister, Embassy of Japan to the Kingdom of Belgium.
2019- Minister, Deputy Head of Mission, Mission of Japan to ASEAN, Jakarta.
2023- Consul-General, Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu.