Notification of Program to Strengthen Livelihood and Business Foundations for Japanese Nationals Overseas and People of Japanese Descent (Nikkei)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan is accepting applications for a program that will provide support to Japanese nationals overseas as well as Nikkei whose livelihoods have been affected by Covid-19.
Japanese and Nikkei groups in Hawaii that meet the requirements may submit the completed set of application documents to The Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu (
Application Period: March 15, 2021 ~ July 30, 2021
Project Implementation Period: May 17, 2021 ~ December 31, 2021
Application Guidelines & Forms:
※Local overseas Japanese associations, Japan Chambers of Commerce and Industry etc may direct inquiries regarding the application process to the following:
Helpdesk for Japanese nationals overseas
Email address:
Inquiries from Nikkei groups etc.
Helpdesk for Japanese descent (Nikkei)
Email address: