Aloha! Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu, MajiConnection and engawa KYOTO (Dentsu Inc.) will host “Island Innovation Demo Day From Japan”!
This event introduces Japanese startups that are solving “Island Problems” with their Innovation and creativity. It focuses on “Island Innovation” ideas such as technology regarding travel industry, energy, sustainability, and MaaS. These can bring a strong impact and help the island community to solve its unique problems which include a low adoption of technology, lack of human resources, high cost of energy, and environmental problems.
At this online event, we are going to have the audience ask questions. We would appreciate it if you could join this event and ask questions to the startups. Please find your favorite startup that would be very interesting to you. They are looking for partners in Hawaii to seek collaboration and use cases in the future.
How to join this event:
Please register for this event from this link and a zoom link will be sent to you to join the online event.
We will have a Q&A session with the audience, so please ask questions to participating startups during the event.
Help us to decide who is “Hawaii's favorite startup” by voting! So please be ready to choose your favorite startup!
About: DOUZO is an OMIYAGE Platform that connects “Shoppers” and "Travelers" around the world. Shoppers can request any Japanese/Hawaiian items they want. Travelers will deliver them to Shoppers on the way during their trip.
What they are looking for in Hawaii: DOUZO would like to launch their business as POC in Hawaii to see their products market fit in the U.S with appropriate legal procedures. Their focus in Hawaii are (1) Japanese tourists visiting Hawaii bring back "rare" and "special" omiyage to more and more Japanese who cannot come to Hawaii, (2) Japanese tourists bring "unique" products made in Japan to Hawaii residence. They are looking for “Made in Hawaii” producers who want to sell their products through their platform and local business partners who can help them to build Drop off/Pich Outpoints in Hawaii.
About: NearMe is a startup aiming to contribute to regional revitalization by providing services that match various, in-the-moment needs through their instant matching platform. Currently, they operate a “taxi ride-sharing” service, which enables instant matching of people who want to go in the same direction by taxi. Also, NearMe provides a door-to-door airport shuttle service with reasonable prices and optimal routing by AI, starting from Japan, and planning global expansion.
What they are looking for in Hawaii: NearMe wants to expand its business globally but aims for the Hawaii market as their first place where there are a lot of Japanese tourists who are already their customers. They are looking for Hawaii's local companies in the mobility industry especially, taxi or transporting companies who can provide shuttle/cars through their services, and local companies who want to get more customers to engage with their transportation services by their booking system from the airport to their destination by the door to door. They also aim to provide transportation service as MaaS to local residences for more smooth, safe, and reliable transportation in all over Hawaii.
Water Design
About: “Biofilm” is the slimy stuff near water and this could exist in the bathroom, drain, inside-pipe will cause clogged pipes and/or damages. It mostly has an impact on hospitals, factories, and buildings which are facing clogging pipes and cleaning issues. Water Design solve this problem with Ultra Fine Bubble technology which is nano-sized bubbles that have a cleaning effect.
What they are looking for in Hawaii: The target industry is building/construction, the medical field, and aquaculture. They’ve successfully partnered with companies in Japan: medical, building, factories, spa, hotel, more, and seek to do the same in the US. They’d like to measure the results they experience with local Hawaii partners or users as further validation as they expand in the US.
AC Biode
About: AC Biode, a chemistry-based start-up, has commercialized 100% biodegradable plastic, not in competition with food.
What they are looking for in Hawaii: As the first step, they would like to ship samples from Japan (plates, cups and other food-related items, bags, delivery items, nail tips, etc.) to see products market fit in Hawaii. If it goes well, they would like to consider mass-production in Hawaii and eventually expansion into manufacturing and distribution by opening a factory in Hawaii.