Consulate Activities


Consul General Aoki’s Visit to the County of Hawaii (1)

From July 15th to 16th, Consul General Aoki visited the cities of Kona and Hilo on Hawaii Island. The overview of his visit is as follows.
(We removed our masks only when taking pictures.)
1. Exchange of views with descendants of Japan in Kona 
CG Aoki spoke with leaders of Hiroshima Kenjin Kai, Kumamoto Kenjin Kai, Okinawan Kenjin Kai, Fukuoka Kenjin Kai in Kona. These associations mentioned that they played a central role in passing down Japanese culture to young descendants of Japan.

2. CG Aoki visited UCC Hawaii.

3. CG Aoki visited Doutor Coffee Hawaii.

4. Courtesy call County Council Chairwoman Maile David 
Chairwoman David and CG Aoki discussed promoting sister city exchange programs between the County of Hawaii and Japan. 

5. Keahole Center for Sustainability tour
CG Aoki received an explanation of a pilot project for ocean thermal energy conversation promoted by the State of Hawaii.

6. Ezo abalone nursery tour
CG Aoki visited Big Island Abalone, a Japanese company, and observed their Ezo abalone nursery. 

7. CG Aoki visited Parker Ranch. 

The overview of Consul General Aoki's visit continues on following page, Consul General Aoki’s Visit to the County of Hawaii (2).